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Bardoli near Surat

Bardoli, a sprawling metropolis is located in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat state. It is an ideal place with amalgamation of both city and village features. It has the peace and serenity of a village and at the same time has the facilities of modern city.


Location of Bardoli

It is located at the extreme eastern end of Surat at a distance of 35kms and one of the key satellite towns of Surat Metropolitan Region. It has emerged as a major financial center of Surat considering its strategic location. Bardoli Taluka is bounded by by Mahuva Taluka towards South, Palsana Taluka towards west, Valod Taluka towards East, Kamrej Taluka towards North. Navsari City, Vyara City, Surat City, Songadh City are the nearby Cities to Bardoli.

Distances of Bardoli from Nearby Places

Bardoli is also the center for most of the Talukas or Counties in South Gujarat. Distances from some major Counties:
• Bardoli-Surat 35 km
• Bardoli- Buhari 29 km
• Bardoli-Vyara 35 km
• Bardoli-Navsari 37 km
• Bardoli-Mandvi 30 km
• Bardoli-Ahwa 100 km
• Bardoli-Palsana 17 km
• Bardoli-Mahuva 11 km
• Bardoli-Kadodra 12 Km

Gujarati is the Local Language here. Sindhi, Hindi, Marvadi, English, Marathi, Telugu, And Oriya are also spoken. Total population of Bardoli Taluka is 210,789. Bardoli Rail Way Station, Timbarva Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Bardoli Taluka. However Surat is the major railway station nearest to Bardoli.

Bardoli is located only 35km from Surat but due to heavy traffic congestion it takes more than an hour to reach Bardoli from Surat. However, the new Hazira-Bardoli Expressway is under construction which will reduce the commuting time by current 1 hour 15 minutes to just 30 minutes after the completion.

Sub-Villages of Bardoli

  • Afva
  • Akoti
  • Allu
  • Ancheli
  • Astan
  • Baben (CT)
  • Babla
  • Balda
  • Bamni
  • Bamroli
  • Bardoli (M)
  • Bhamaiya
  • Bharampor
  • Bhensudla
  • Bhuvasan
  • Chhitra
  • Dhamdod Lumbha
  • Goji
  • Gotasa
  • Haripura
  • Hindolia
  • Isanpor
  • Isroli
  • Junvani
  • Kadod
  • Kanai
  • Kantali
  • Karachaka
  • Khali
  • Kharad
  • Kharvasa
  • Khoj
  • Kikvad
  • Kuvadiya
  • Madhi
  • Manekpor
  • Mangrolia
  • Masad
  • Miyawadi
  • Mota
  • Moti Bhatlav
  • Moti Falod
  • Movachhi
  • Nadida
  • Nani Bhatlav
  • Nasura
  • Naugama
  • Ninat
  • Nizar
  • Orgam
  • Palsod
  • Panada
  • Pardi Kadod
  • Pardi Vagha
  • Pardi Valod
  • Pathradiya
  • Pipariya
  • Rajpura Lumbha
  • Rajwad
  • Ruwa
  • Rayam
  • Samthan
  • Sankri
  • Sarbhon
  • Sarethi
  • Sejvad
  • Singod
  • Surali
  • Tajpor Khurd
  • Tajpore Bujrang
  • Tarbhon
  • Ten
  • Timbarva
  • Uchharel
  • Umrakh
  • Utara
  • Uva
  • Vadhava
  • Vadhvaniya
  • Vadoli
  • Vaghech Sarbhon
  • Vaghecha Kadod
  • Vankaner
  • Vanskui
  • Varad
  • Zakharda

History of Bardoli

Bardoli has played a substantial role in India’s freedom struggle movement. The moment you hear the name of Bardoli and the first thing that comes to your mind is the Bardoli satyagraha which we have read about in our schools. The No Tax movement was born in this town and led by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the year 1928. This agitation was against the British empire in protest of the exorbitant tax that was levied upon the farmers. The farmers struggled to fullfill their basic necessities, let alone the extravagant tax levied upon them. It was a precursor to the Namak Satyagraha, the Salt March.
The Satyagraha motivated thousands of Gujarati farmers and drew them into the movement. The Satyagraha drew national attention as participants swelled in numbers due to excellent leadership provided by Sardar Patel and his lieutenants. Even Mahatma Gandhiji joined the satyagrahis and brought Bardoli into global focus. This was the first blow to the British empire.

Places to Visit in Bardoli

Bardoli offers some places with historical emphasis and also some religious shrines to connect your souls with almighty.Some of the places you must visit in Bardoli are as follows:

Swaraj Ashram: The Swaraj Ashram in Bardoli was built to memorialize the farmers protest movement and attracts many tourists. Those visiting Surat make it a point to visit this Ashram to pay their respects and to honor the memory of those valiant farmers and their leaders who had the audacity to take on the mighty British.

The Largest Sugar Factory in Asia: Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandali Limited is the largest sugar cooperative in Asia and was the first sugar factory to be started in the Gujarat cooperative sector. Founded in 1955, this factory has crushed a record-breaking 18 metric tons of sugar. The technology and the massive scale at which this industry works is worth a look.

Kedareshwar Temple: The Kedareshwar Temple in Bardoli is a famous religious destination for tourists visiting Bardoli. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva where huge amount of devotees throng during Maha shivratri day to worship the idol.

Shree Sardar Smarak Hospital: Shree Sardar Smarak Hospital is a boon for the financially weaker sections of society residing in Bardoli and nearby areas. The hospital is committed to help people regardless of their financial status, which is precisely the reason why it was set up in a predominantly tribal region. The hospital offers the entire range of medical facilities including complex surgeries and treatment for various diseases.

Halpati Seva Sangh: Halpati Seva Sangh,Bardoli was established in 1961 under Bombay Public Trust Registration Act 1950. Halpatis are basically tribal farm laborers who neither have land or housing facility nor other means of livelihood. They are landless laborers, who have to rely on farming. Halpati Seva Sangh was established with the objective of overall development of Halpati farm laborers and tribal on the base of Gandhian principles. Economic, Social and educational activities has been started on massive scale accordingly, for their upliftment. Various schools have been started for educating their kids and the women as well.

Lakes in in Bardoli: Bardoli also has some beautiful lakes which are as follows :
  • Lake Tan
    Baben, Bardoli, Surat

  • Avadh Lake
    Kharvasa, Bardoli, Surat

  • Purna River Aamchak

  • Tarbhon, Bardoli, Surat

Other places to see in Bardoli includes Swaminarayan Mandir, Jalaram Mandir also called Mini Virpur, Vaghecha Mandir, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Musium, Agasimata Mandir, Shree Saraswati Shisu Mandir, Milano Multiplex, Alankar Multiplex and the Aitihasik Ambo, a mango tree under which Gandhiji famously declared that he would settle for nothing less than independent home-rule for India.

Bardoli Nearby Attractions

Ukai: It is located at a distance of 94 kms from Surat. Ukai resides a popular tourist destination due to the llocation of Ukai dam. The dam is one of biggest dams in the state and its picturesque landscapes attracts many tourists. An irrigaton project named Vallabha Sagar sarovar project has also been developed here.

Ubharat: Ubharat is at a distance of 42 km south from Surat in the Valsad district. It is renowned for its beautiful and serene sandy beach with a backdrop of shady palm groves. Best place to chill and have some fun on the beach.

Tithal: Tithal is located at a distance of 108 km from Surat .This town in valsad is famous for its black soiled sandy beaches. It has some good resorts to have a relaxing time with family. Tithal is also famous for its mango and chikoo farms. A Shirdi Sai Baba temple and a Swami Narayan temple are some of the places to see in Tithal. Traditionally prepared cuisines are another attraction of this place. One could find many shops and stalls that sell various kinds of souvenirs.

Saputara: Saputara is a densely wooded hill resort situated in the Dang district, at a distance of 164 kms from Surat. This place is known for its wildlife excursion tours. The saputara hill station has all the necessary amenities like hotels, swimming pools, boat club, theaters, ropeways and even a museum. A waterfall named, Gira waterfalls and the wild life sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipura forest is located at a distance of 52 and 60kms respectively from Saputara. Other major attractions of this place include Saputara lake, Sunrise Point, Echo Point, botanical garden, Hatgadh fort, Nageshwar temple, Purna sanctuary etc.

Rangupavan: Rangupavan is an open-air amphitheater that is considered to be the biggest theater in the country which can accommodate about 4000 audiences at a time. Set amidst in a picturesque setting and spread across several acres of land, the theatre that overlooks a height of 18meters has a stage, which has the height of 10.5 meter. The theater is the venue for hosting various cultural events, musical concerts and entertainment programs round the year.

Hajira: Situated 28 Kms away from Surat, Hajira is another health resort on the creek of the Arabian sea. The Hajira beach, fringed by caserne trees is a popular hangout for the tourists and the local people alike has comfortable holiday homes.

Hotel and Restaurants in Bardoli

Bardoli offers some tasty traditional food and it alos has some international cuisine restaurants. Few of the restaurants in Bardoli are as follows

Khan's Hotel
Astan, Bardoli, Surat

Ganesh Restaurant
Astan,Bardoli, Surat

Red chillies Restaurant
Astan,Bardoli, Surat

U S Pizza
Astan,Bardoli, Surat

Satvik Bakery
Isroli,Bardoli, Surat

Hotel Way Wait
Uva,Bardoli, Surat

Hospitals in Bardoli

Bardoli offers good number of health centres to help the locals out there. The hospitals in Bardoli are as follows :

Shree Sardar Smarak Hospital
(02622) 228837
Hira Chand Nagar, Near SAI Apartment, Station Road, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Mamta Hospital & Maternity Home
(02622) 223392
Shashtri Road, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Jamna Ba Sarvajanik Hospital
(0261) 220230
Surti Zampa, Bardoli, Surat - 394620

Shiv Jyoti Hospital
(0261) 2225520
Opposite Sardar Hospital, Gandhi Road, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Dr. Vyas Hospital
(02622) 242332
A-01, Near Jayesh Auto Service, Shyadla Road, Madhi, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Harsh Hospital
(02622) 221089
Surti Jakat Naka, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Khushbu Hospital
(02622) 229478
Khushbu Hospital, Opp. Jalaram Mandir, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Jivandeep Hospital
(02622) 229961
A-01, Near Shalimar Talkies, Main Road, Station Road, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

Gupta Hospital
(02622) 220469
opp sbi bank, bardoli road, Bardoli, Surat - 394601

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