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Courts in Surat

Surat is an important district in Gujarat and Surat city also serves as the main administrative headquarters of the district. Navsari, Narmada, Tapi and Bharuch districts surround Surat on all sides while the Gulf of Cambay lies towards the west of Surat. Surat is a developed district in Gujarat and it ranks second among the advanced districts of Gujarat. The population of this district is approximately 60, 79,231 and it is one of the most populous districts of Gujarat. The administration in Surat has always remained popular because of the low rates of crime and other illegal activities in the city. There are proper safety services provided to the people of Surat in the form of police stations and courts.

District Court of Surat Courts in Surat

Surat District Court and even the subordinate courts in Surat are located at two main court complexes namely Fast Track Court Building and District Court Complex and both these buildings are located at Athwa lines in Surat. Both the buildings are very large and at the same time spacious. The compound of the court complex is also very spacious with several kinds of trees within the compound. The nearest bus stand and even the nearest railway station is just at a distance of 9 kilometers from the court complex. Surat District Court complex has been segregated in two parts namely A block and B block. A block is meant for the functioning of the courts and the B block is meant for several offices. The fast Track Court Building is not divided in two blocks and it covers all the offices and even the courts.
Surat District Court complex started functioning in 1994 but it got damaged in 2001 due to an earthquake. Due to this damage Surat District Court was shifted to the Multistoried building at Old Rest House and it was again re-shifted to its original position in 2005 and at present the complex appears to be in very good condition. All types of facilities are available for the members of the district court at Surat District Court complex and in the recent years some technological advancement has also been found working at the court complex.

Surat District Court is mainly responsible for dealing with the cases and the problems of the people within the district and any individual who would not be satisfied with the judgment of Surat District Court can rest the case with the high court located in Surat.

Address of the Court:
Surat District Court
Athwa Lines, Surat District
Surat, Gujarat

Consumer Court Surat

Consumer Court Surat is solely responsible for looking into the matter of the consumer who files a case against any shop, mall or departmental store. Nowadays the consumer courts are found to be working in a very good condition because of the education and the knowledge that the consumers have received regarding the grievances that they can lay out on the mediums that do not offer then legal services.

Address of Consumer Court Surat:
Surat District Forum, “A” Block
1st Floor, M.S. Building, Nanpura
Surat, 0261-2472683

People can always take the help of Surat District Court and the Consumer Court Surat in order to get the required justice in every matter.

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