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Fire Service in Surat

Surat is a city in Gujarat that is very well known for the beauty that it possesses and also because of the fact that it serves as a major industrial hub for the state of Gujarat. Surat is mainly known for its diamond industry and a majority of businessmen in Gujarat reside at Surat. The authoritative control of the city is also considered to possess a very good standard and it is only because of this reason that Surat ranks among the safest cities in India. The services available for the safety and the security of the people of Surat are abundant.

Surat not only excels in serving as a major business and marketing centre but at the same time it has also been awarded with the prestigious award of being the safest and the most administratively conscious city in Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat and the Government of India have always taken effective measures in contributing towards making Surat a strong and a very secure city. All the services available in Surat for the betterment of the living standards of the people are excellent and they are always checked from time to time. Fire Stations in Surat are considered to be very efficient at the work that they do and they always looked with great esteem because they have always been successful in pouncing back at the correct time whenever they have been required.

Fire Service in Surat

Surat fire services for the people also rank among the best fire services in India. The fire services in Surat are not only well equipped with tools and equipments required for instant help during a fire breakout but at the same time Surat fire services do possess efficient and skillful staff that is ready to take up challenges in work. There are many Fire stations in Surat that have been located at different places so that they are in quick and easy access of the people and the organizations whenever required.

The fire stations in Surat have been given below along with their contact details:

Head Quarter, Central Zone, Surat
Chief Fire Officer-G. M. Kothwala, Deputy Fire Officer- S. K. Acharya, I/ C D. O-V.B.Parmar,
(O) 2422285/ 86, M.98251-34101, 93768 44825, 93768 44959, 93768 44969

Wireless Control Room, Central Zone, Surat
101,102, Ext-450, 324, 24141-39-95/96, 5542153, 3097801, M.93768 44960

Navsari Bazar, Central Zone, Surat (O) 3952830

Kapodra, East Zone, Surat (O) 39528240

Adajan, West Zone, Surat (O) 3952827, Mobile: 93768 44973

Mora Bhagal, West Zone, Surat (O) 3952832

Katargam, North Zone, Surat (O) 3952825

Mandarwaja, South East Zone, Surat (O) 3952823, M.93768 44961

Pandesara, South Zone, Surat (O) 3952826

Majura, South West Zone, Surat. Ghod Dod Road, Bhatar, Athwa, Chorasi -395007
(O)3952822, 93768 44964

Dumbhal Fire Station, Shivaji Nagar Godadra Road, Neminath Nagar, Parvat Patiya, Bombay Market, Chorasi -395023

Fire Brigade in Surat

Surat also possesses a number of companies that deal in the sale of fire equipments required for the purpose of dealing with fire. Fire Brigade in Surat possesses a very strong backbone that never fails to accomplish the duties and the responsibilities that it has been designated with. Fire Brigade in Surat is not only excellent at the services that I provides but at the same time it also has the capability of sorting out the major problems and the consequences that need to be dealt with after fighting out the fire.

Fire Brigade Numbers in Surat
The major and the most important Fire brigade numbers in Surat have been listed below:

Fire Brigade: 101
Fire Station-Adajan: 0261-2781232
Fire Station-Ghachi Sheri: 0261-2400173
Fire Station-Katargam: 0261-2482269
Fire Station-Majura Gate: 0261-2230686
Fire Station-Mandarwaja: 0261-2331357
Fire Station-Morabhagal(Rander): 0261-2770768
Fire Station-Muglisara Ho: 0261-2400172
Fire Station-Navsari Bazar: 0261-2400246
Fire Station-Pandesara: 0261-2892734
Fire Station-Varachha (Kapodara): 0261-2571388

Fire stations in Surat have a special and an important role to play in the lives of the people of Surat. The Fire Brigade Services in Surat are excellent at the work that they do and at the same time they also possess the capability and the expertise in handling all sorts of fire break outs in the most intelligent and efficient manner.

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