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Hazira is a town that is also known as a port in the district of Surat located in the South Western part of Gujarat. This town is one of the main port of India and has become a major element of the metropolitan region of Surat. Hazira  is located at the distance of 25 kms from Surat and it is 300 kms away from Mumbai. Touted as the Industrial hub of India, Hazira is located along the Tapti River banks, which is just 8 kms in distance from the Arabian Sea. This is the location for health tourism as it has numerous natural springs. This location has some wells that have water that is potentially rich with interesting contents like sulphur and iron. 


Hazira – The Industrial Hub

This town is also known for its strong industrial base and shipping activities by mammoths such as L&T, Essar, Shell, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, Reliance Industries, Ultra Tech Cement, ONGC, NTPC and GAIL. The perfect geographical location of Hazira which is nearer to the sea makes it an industrial belt as many big industries can transit its products across the sea easily.

Port Of Hazira

Hazira port is an LNG terminal which is also known as Liquified Natural Gas and a deep water multi cargo port. This makes this port highly operational in India as it has the largest space to store and export goods that are equal to 2.5 million tones. With the partnership by Shell and TSA, the capacity was further hiked to 3.8 million tones. PSA Corporation, a Singapore based firm has also erected a container terminal that handles over a million TEU and the shipyard of L&T holds small ships, naval crafts etc.

About Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. (AHPPL):

Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. (AHPPL) strives to act as a gateway for international trade and make it very convenient between countries like Europe, Middle east, America, Africa etc. This port is located at the western peninsula of Hazira and has a latitude of 21 degree 06’ North and longitude of 072 degrees  37’ North. This port is operated by HPPL or Hazira Port Private Limited.

This port has the capacity to attract the attention of companies that deal in import and export of cargoes in North India, West India and also in Central Indian parts such as the Indore. This port stays well connected to the Northern side of Maharashtra and also stays close to roadways. The deep waters of Sutherland Channel connect the Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. (AHPPL) and this port is capable of holding vessels in future.

Hazira Industrial zone: Various industries in Hazira:

The industrial zone of Hazira is one of the ancient and highly regarded ones among the Indian west coast. It is located 22 km away from Surat which is another old port known for the major industrial activity carried out there. The Hazira port is also located at 285 kms from Mumbai. This fast growing industrial region has many ancient industries thriving on it such as the textiles, diamonds and other industries such as petrochemicals, fertilizer, heavy engineering, oil, steel, gas, ship building etc. Its close proximity to Northern India and Central India that has places like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Haryana,Punjab, Delhi, etc makes it have a two third contribution to cargo industry in India.

Industries in Hazira:

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries is located in Hazira at Surat in Gujarat that is spread across the land of 1000 acres approx. along the River Tapi banks that specialize in manufacturing an array polymers, polyesters, petrochemicals and Fiber intermediates. The first phase of this complex was completed in 1992 to produce power and other utilities such as ethylene oxide, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Mono - Ethylene Glycol (MEG) etc. The second phase of the project began in 1995 that involved POY & PSF – polymer complex commission, Polypropylene (PP), Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), Naphtha Cracker and dealt with expansion of Phase 1. RIL had invested more than 3 billion US dollars for this set up at Hazira.

Hazira Fertilizer complex

KRIBHCO has a fertilizer complex set up in Hazira that can produce urea, biofertilizers and ammonia located on the banks of tapti river and about 15 kms away from city of Surat. The foundation of this complex was laid by Late PM of India, Smt. Indra Gandhi on 5th Feb 1982.

Connectivity of Hazira

The Hazira stays well connected to rest of the world, thanks to the well knitted network system that comprises of roads, rails and transport lines. The ports stay highly equipped with additional features like container freight station, warehousing facility etc that adds up to its logistics credential. Such essential features offer Hazira the status as a great industrial base and as a local industry with a thriving business opportunity. One can find skilled man power resources always available and this has made it offer the best cost saving solution.

Through Roads and Rails

The Hazira port is connected to NH 6 and NH 8 which are an integral part among the Golden Quadilateral Road Network. These highways are well connected to the ones running through metropolitan cities Mumbai or Delhi and proceeds to the central part of India. The government is also planning to lay wider 6 lane roads that run in between ports and highways of state and national bodies to offer better logistics. Many initiatives of infrastructure are improving the links of the port to promote its industrial and export hubs. Plans are on to better the connectivity between port and other parts of India by improving the roadways and railways. If you are using the roadways to travel from Surat to Hazira  you can reach the place within 25 minutes and the time can vary if the traffic is heavy or if the road conditions are bad. As of now, there is no railway station separately for Hazira but you can make use of the Surat Railway station which is a main station that is located 24 kms away from the town of Hazira. 

Sight-Seeing in Hazira

Hazira is also known for its warm beaches that attracts thousands of tourists each year. The beaches are helmed along the creek of the Arabian sea. The palms studded coast line and Casuarinas that fringe the beach make it a best place to visit. The chill breeze and the turquoise blue shade of the sea and sky offers a rich feel during the evening as you take a walk along the sandy shore.

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