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Hill Stations near Surat

If you are looking for a beautiful holiday destination to get enchanted with the culture, business, tradition, religious and historical panorama of India, then Surat can be an ideal option for you. This magnificent piece of land is known by various names like the textile capital of India, diamond capital of the world and commercial capital of Gujarat. The tradition and culture of Surat and nearby areas have originated from the time of Indus valley civilization.

Along with business, the land of Surat is also listed in some of the most visited tourist destinations in India. People from other Indian states and abroad come here across the year to have a wonderful and amazing vacation. The city is famous for its several magnificent beaches and landscapes. It is also blessed with numerous ancient temples, historical monuments, palaces, wildlife sanctuary, architectural assets and several breathtaking hill stations.

Hill Stations near Surat

People who love to explore the beauty of nature and adventure have definitely a memorable and amazing tour experience in this prolific city.  The hill stations in and around Surat attract visitors from and outside India for centuries.

Some of the most popular and sight-seeing hill stations near Surat are:

Girnar Hill

Girnar hill (also recognized as Girinagar and Girnar) is a wide collection of mountains in Gujarat.  From 3600 feet high from the sea level, Girnar hill is the highest pick in Gujarat. Older than Himalaya mountain range, Girnar is the host of several ancient temples and various historical places across its range.  Girnar is a well-recognized pilgrimage site for both Jains and Hindus, who gather during the Girnar parikarma here.

This beautiful hilly region is connected with Lord Krishna and was recognized by various names in different periods such as Ujjayant, Raivat Nagar, Manipur, Puratanpur, Chandraketupur and Girivar.  There are several peaks in Ginar. Of the numerous peaks, the five most recognized peaks are Datatreya, Augadh, Amba mata, Goraknath and Kalika.  The climbing of Girnar hill is very challenging. The pilgrims have to climb 9,999 steps to reach at the peak of the mountain.

Apart from the Hindus, there are several wonder Jain temples in Girnar region. Neminath temple is one of the best Jain shrines in Gujarat.

Saputara Hill

Located at an altitude of 100 m in the Sahyadri range, Saputara is a wonderful wooden hill station in the south to of Gujarat. Saputara is one of the well planned hill stations in Gujarat having excellent services like boating parks, luxury hotel swimming pools, ropeways, club, museum and theatres.

This lush greenery region is highly popular from its wildlife excursion tours. It is rich in wildlife resources and sight-seeing beauties. Some of the wonderful places to visit near Saputara are Mahal Forest, Botanical Garden, Jambalaya, Dangs Darbar, Gira falls, Hatgadh fort, Unnai Mata temple and Saptashringi  Devi mandir.

Saputara is really one of the best vacation spots for trekking. The hill has several established trekking trails and several unexplored pathways, still with untouched surrounding and atmosphere. Along with trekking, Saputara hills are also recognized for its magnificent sunset view from Gandhi Shikhar.
The climate of the saputara hill is very cozy and enjoyable, which makes them one of the famous tourist destinations all around the year.

Datar hill

From 2,779 feet above from the sea level, Dattar hill is famous for the dam, the steps goes up to 2,779 feet (847 m) high to the famous for the popular shrine of Jamiyalshah Datar, where both Muslims and Hindus come to share their faith. The lush greenery, beautiful sight and rocky hills attract travelers for having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, while exploring the beauty of Mother Nature.

Pavagadh hill

Located about 46 kilometers from Vadodara, Pavagadh are famous for the ancient Mahakali temple or kalimata temple. Pavagadh is one of the most visited tourist destinations during Navaratri. The Mahakali temple is located on the top of Pavagadh hill and considered as one among the 51 shakti peeths. 

Apart from Matakali temple, it is also famous for historic monuments of Champaner which has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors within Gujarat and outside states also come here to take a wonderful rope ways experience.

Mangalya Van

Mangalya Van is just a half kilometre from Ambaji Temple. This wonderful garden is developed by forest department. One has to climb steps to reach Mangalya van and Kailash tekri that is surrounded by water bodies. The mangalya van is popular for its USP (astrological garden) within the plant, which astrologers say to provide the same effect as stone on one’s life.

Gabbar Hill

At about 1600 feet high from sea level, Gabbar hill is just a five km drive away from Ambaji temple.   Being the center of the cosmic power of India, Gabbar hill is the original origin place of Mata ambaji. According to Hindu mythology, the heart of devi shati fell down on the top of gabbar hills. Gabbar hill is one of the most visited by the people in Navratra for worshiping in the Tantra Chudamani temple. The Gabbar hill is also popular for rope way tour, lush greenery and beautiful weather condition.

Wilson Hill

Wilson hill is one of the few hill stations across the world from where one can see the sea. Wilson hill is located in the dense forest region and frequently visited by wild animals, unseen birds and other creatures. One of the most popular wildlife national parks, Vansda is just 60 Km away from Wilson hill.

Due to the elevation, Wilson hill has less humid and cooler climate than the surrounding area, which makes it as one of the best weekend getaway destinations during the summer months.

Having a lot of hill stations in surat, choosing one of the best among all is a very daunting task. You should do a proper research to have a wonderful holiday experience in the magnificent city Surat.

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