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Kosamba is the city that is situated in the Surat district of Gujarat state in India. It boasts the status of municipality in the Mangrol Taluka in the district of Surat.

Location of Kosamba City

It is situated 39 kilometers towards North from Surat, 233 kilometers from Gandhi nagar, the State capital of Gujarat and 23 kilometers from Mangrol. This state comes under the jurisdiction of the Surat Metropolitan Region. The most famous twin cities Kosamba Nagarpalika and Tarsadi Nagarpalika are located in the Kosamba city. Though the Tarsadi Nagarpalika lies within the Kosamba city, it boasts a bigger area than the Kosamba city. Although Kosamba Nagarpalika and Tarsadi Nagarpalika cities boast self-governing local bodies, both the cities are commonly referred to as Kosamba cities.

Gujarati is the regional language of Kosamba. However, Hindi is also being spoken by most of the people in the Kosamba city. According to 2006 census the Kosamba city boasts the population of 33,221 inhabitants.


Profile of Kosamba City

The Kosamba city is a ballot city in District of Surat situated on the Western side of Gandhi nagar, the state capital of Gujarat.  This Kosamba small industrial area is well linked to other cities in the course of road and railway and lots of people connected from all parts of the country to Kosamba for work.

The Kosamba Railway Junction comes under the control of the Indian railway. Most of the express trains start from Mumbai to Porbhandar, train from Gujarat named Gujarat Queen Express, Express train run between Valsad to Vadodara, train from Ahmedabad to Bandra named Lok Shakti Express and train run between Banra to Bhuj called Sayaji Nagari Express pass through the Kosamba  Railway Junction. On the northern side of the Kosamba city the Ankleswar Railway Junction is situated, which is one among the major Railway Junctions next to Kosamba Railway Junction. The Airport of Surat is situated at a distance of 67.1 km from the Kosamba city. The Surat city is the major city located at a distance of 60 kilometers from the Kosamba city. The other major cities located near Kosamba include Bharuch and Ankleswar.

Weather in Kosamba City

The weather in the Kosamba city is enjoyable throughout the year, modest and comfortable. Due to its nearness of sea called Arabian Sea. The summer season is comparatively hot as the temperature varies between the arrays of 35 to 45 degrees. The winter season is bearable and the level of mercury doesn’t drop lower than ten degrees in the peak months of the winter season except in unusual cases.

Medical Services in Kosamba

Kosamba, with ever-increasing population, has urbanized a well-organized system of health care for the people to serve the facilities. It boasts excellent nursing homes and hospitals to offer all sorts of treatment to the citizens. The city boasts numerous areas of expertise hospitals with most recent devices and know-how. State of the art surgery centers, ambulances and urgent situation services, well stored  banks for blood storage and medical shops, and outstanding infrastructure, it boasts all for its community.

Industries in Kosamba city

Kosamba is one among the major industrial cities in Gujarat. People from various districts in Gujarat come to this city in search of Job opportunities. The unemployment problem in Kosamba is relatively low when compared to other cities attributable to the location of following industries.
  • The Fiber Unit of Gujarat State Fertilizer Company is functioning in Kosamba
  • The Piramal Glass Company, which is a division of Piramal Group of Companies, is located in Kosamba.
  • The Neutral Glass Company, which is a division of Vazir Group of Companies, is located in Kosamba.
  • The Pragati Glass Company, which is a division of Gupta Group of Companies, is located in Kosamba.
  • The Birla Cellulosic Company, which is a division of Aditya Birla Group of Companies, is located in Kosamba.
  • The Pandvai cooperative sugar mill is functioning on the Hansot road in Kosamba.
Some new companies are under construction in the Kosamba city.

Tourism in Kosamba

Kosamba Tourism offers reliable information to tourists about the sightseeing places in Kosamba. This information offers useful particulars about Kosamba to make their tour a hassle-free and an enjoyable one. This information helps tourists to serve as an exact, evocative and a useful tour guide for most important places to visit in Kosamba. They as well offer the best tourism information about Kosamba tourism across varieties as different as visitor places, traveler spots, main tourism attractions, the greatest time to trip, the top locations to visit in Kosamba, the must-see things to observe, restaurants, maps, hotels, local public information, nearby tourist destinations, etc.

Historical and Cultural Locations around Kosamba

There are several things to witness and experience in Kosamba, provided you boast the correct information. By means of a host of thrilling things to accomplish in Kosamba, tourists can thoroughly take pleasure in the experience of travelling around this destination. If you are visiting the Kosamba city for the first time, the Kosamba tour guide may assist resolve nearly all of your doubts about Kosamba. All you require is a list of choices on topics such as what to consume, where to reside, weather conditions in Kosamba and sightseeing places in Kosamba and you can be assured a splendid tour to Kosamba.

Kosamba is surrounded by a number of historical and cultural locations that attract thousands of tourists from all parts of India. The historical locations around Kosamba replicate the early lifestyle of people and the art and architectural aspects of the Kosamba city. There are about eight sightseeing locations in and around the Kosamba city. All these locations come under the tourism department of the Kosamba city.  

Places of Interest in and Around Kosamba

Salim Talkies: Catching a few hot flicks at one among the picture halls in Kosamba is a good idea if you would like to have a break from all that visiting the attractions and travel. Actually, movie halls remain one among the most admired resources of amusement in Kosamba city. As there are alternatives for serious hunts of art in Kosamba, film halls are good for lighthearted amusement. So, you can relax at the film halls of Kosamba and catch up with the most recent on-screen adventures of your favorite film celebrities. In addition to Salim talkies, there are other amusement centers such as Cinema Theatre, Movie Theater, Picture Hall, etc.

Mota Mandir, Bhathji Temple, and Hanuman Mandir: These temples are the astonishing splendor of the temples of Kosamba charms devotees. However, glamour is only a little part of the application of the temples in Kosamba. These temples are respected as some of the most sacred places in Kosamba. The religiously irresistible feeling of the spiritual places in Kosamba is thoroughly felt at these temples.

Kosamba Lake, Dharoi Lake, Lake Mahuvej, Mahuvej Tarav: Silently watching one among the good-natured lakes in Kosamba occupies the heart with a profound sense of tranquility. The diverse lakes near Kosamba play a vital role in increasing the overwhelming attraction of nature in Kosamba. To take advantage of experiencing the loveliness of the lakes around Kosamba, you can try out a boat journey.

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