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Old Age Homes and Orphanages in Surat

There are many Old Age Homes in Surat and all the old age homes that are found in Surat are aimed towards providing a platform that would help the elderly and the senior citizens of Surat in leading a comfortable and relaxed life. The Old Age Homes in Surat work with a passion for the old age community and they play a great role in helping the senior citizens out towards leading a better life. Old age homes are required when houses start becoming very narrow and they comprise no rooms to accommodate the senior citizens or the elderly people of the house. It is then that the old age people start thinking about moving to an old age home and lead their life in a better way rather than suffering daily insults. Among the various old age homes that are located in Surat, some have been described below and the contact details of these old age homes have also been provided.

Old Age Homes and Orphanages in Surat

Old Age Homes in Surat

The Senior Citizens Home is an old age home that is located on Rander Road and it was established on 13th August, 2000 by Shree Bhagawatikumar Sharma and H.H.Shree Sachidanand Swami Dantaliwala. The President of this old age home is Mr. Hardevsinh Chudasama. At present this old age home accommodates twenty people who get pure and nutritious meals two times during the day, snacks and tea also two times during the day, a blanket, a sheet or chadar, a bed, utensils and utilities like soap, dentifrice and talcum. Medicines are also procured to the people who live at this old age home as and when required. The old age home also comprises cooks, maids and managers who have been given the responsibility of catering to the daily requirements of the old people who live at this old age home.

Contact Details of Old Age Homes in Surat

  • Shree Shanti Niketan Seniors Citizens' Enclave
    Organised by: Shree Nutan Education & Charitable Trust, Surat
    Address: 24 New Gokul Row House, Saraswati Vidyalaya Road, Adajan, Surat – 395009
  • Ambika Niketan Vriddhashram, Athwalines, Surat
    Address: Gharda Ghar, Athwalines, Surat- 395002, Gujarat
    Landmark: Opposite Bharati Maya School
  • Ashaktashram Old Age Home, Choryasi, Surat
    Address: 803-804, Rampura Main Road, Choryasi, Surat- 395003, Gujarat
    Landmark: Near Union Bank Of India
  • Vriddh Ashram
    Subhash Nagar
    Surat, Gujarat
  • Vatsalya Dham
    Behind Dinbandhu Hospital, Kholvad, Kamrej
    Surat – 394150, Gujarat

Orphanages in Surat

An orphanage is called Anath Ashram in Hindi and also in Gujarati. It is basically an organization or an institution that shelters those children who do not have parents or the whereabouts of their parents are not known. An orphanage actually serves as residential institution that is dedicated towards taking care of helpless children. An orphanage is also called group home, refuge, children’s home, night shelter, treatment center for youth and rehabilitation center.

The Orphanages in Surat are basically bent towards taking care of helpless children. Many a times it happens that children are left helpless because natural parents of such parents are either dead or they are not able to or not willing to and even may not be capable of caring for their children in Surat. Therefore the Orphanages in Surat work towards providing for the housing, care and education of children. There are many Orphanages in Surat that are found employing professionals such as teachers and nurses for raising children and taking good care of the children. There are certain orphanages in Surat that also operate schools where children are provided free education and several other facilities like text books, stationery, school bags, water bags, lunch boxes, mid day meals, computers, transportations, treatment and uniforms are provided to the children free of cost. These schools also conduct sports programmes and cultural shows in order to develop the skills, talents and personality of the children. Most of the orphanages that operate in Surat also do a good job in providing shelter, food and education to disabled children who are left helpless by their families. These orphanages have always been successful in bagging several national and international awards.
The contact details of some Orphanages in Surat have been given below:
  • Islam Yatim Khana Society , Nanapura , Surat
    Address: Athwagata, Nanapura, Surat- 395001, Gujarat
    Landmark: Beside TNTV School
  • Disable Welfare Trust Of India Orphanage
    Address: Kanu H Tailor, 1058, Dhobi Sheri Nanpura, Surat - 395 001 Gujarat
  • Dudhala Gramasth Mandal Orphanage
    Address: 99 Ankur Society, Aswanikumar Road, Surat- 390008, Gujarat
  • Mamta Charitable Trust Orphanage
    Address: Bavisi Street, Palsana, Surat- 394315, Gujarat
These are some of the orphanages in Surat that play and effective role in carving the lives of helpless children in Surat.

The orphanages and the old age homes in Surat serve as a medium that safeguards the lives of the poor and the dependent citizens and children in Surat.

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