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Parks and Gardens in Surat

The history of Surat offers a glimpse of various heritages of the past. The ancient temples, historical places, textile market, wonderful beaches, sporting activities, beautiful mountain valley, sightseeing gardens, parks and various other natural attractions, made it a perfect destination for picnics and weekends. The beautiful gardens and parks in Surat are the perfect choice for a family weekend getaway and picnic. They provide you to explore the beauty of nature in its purest forms. Seeking for enjoyable and relaxing weekend, you can anytime visit here to have a rejuvenating and splendid weekend.

You have several wonderful options available in the form of Parks and gardens in Surat for having an exciting and memorable weekend.  Every garden and park in Surat are beautifully designed and are perfect for all age group people. Given below the detailed information of all the popular parks and gardens in Surat.

Parks and Gardens in Surat

Dutch Garden in Surat

It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Surat. Located near Kataragam Gate, it is just four km drive away from Surat downtown. Dutch garden is built in the memory of British and Dutch officials and is known for its beautiful and sightseeing architectural features. The lush greenery, beautiful flowers, long trees and breathtaking landscape made them the perfect place for a family weekend.
The Dutch garden also known as Dutch cemeteries are also recognized for its ancient mausoleums. These mausoleums are marked with wonderful pillars, massive domes and huge galleries that make is the outstanding place for weekend. 

Sarthana National Park Surat

Located on the left bank of Tapi River, the Sarthana national park is well connected by road and railway route. It is approximately 10 km drive away from Surat city and are fully vegetated with big trees that looks like a forest. At this zoo or national park, you can explore all the animals and birds that you want to see like crocodile, lion, Wolf, Peacock, Hog Deer, Himalayan Bear, Cassowary, Pelicans, Gharial, Four Horned Antelope, Nil-gai, snakes, wild buffalo and various other species.

Morarji Desai Garden Surat

The Morarji Desai garden is small, but the best place for having an enjoyable picnic with family. The lush greenery, beautiful flowers and unique landscape design provide you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Mother Nature in a unique and beautiful way.

Choppati Garden in Surat

Choppati Garden, also referred as the Jawaharlal Nehru Garden is the oldest and largest garden in the city of Surat. It is one of the most visited place for picnic-goers. The garden is spread in a large area and are popular for its wonderful landscape and lush greenery. It is also called as the houses of musical fountain. Most of the people come here to enjoy the wonderful and unique musical fountain show. It is also a famous center in Surat for enjoying mouth-watering Indian snacks like Pani Puri and Pave  Bhajee. 

Swami Vivekanand Garden Surat

The Swami Vivekanand Garden is small yet wonderful place for a family getaway. It is spread over 8131 sq.m area and are fully equipped with wonderful playground equipment, jogging track, benches, waterfalls, toilet and water. The landscape design of the park is incredible and have something for all age group people.

Althan Garden in Surat

Althan garden is the biggest garden in Surat City, with beautiful landscapes, flower collections, trees and plants. It is beautifully designed and equipped with all the facilities including playground equipment and benches that will make it one of the best weekend spot for families.

Sathana Nature Park Surat

Sathana Nature Park is the home of diversified animals, birds and small species. This is the best place for kids to get an education with fun. It provides you the opportunity to know more about varieties of species available in the world.

Botanical Garden in Surat

Just 2km drive away from Waghai, Botanical Garden is the best center for a wide range of exotic and native plant samples. It is the biggest garden in Surat with beautiful lakes, trees, flowers and landscapes. This is one of the best place to visit in Surat to explore the diversity of nature.

Vansda National Park near Surat

Located 120 km drive away from Surat downtown, Vansda National Park is the most visited tourist spots in Surat. The home of 430 species of flowering plants, thousands of birds and small animals, it was the royal reserve of the king of Vansda before independence. The park is spread over 24 sq km area and are the home of more than 20 species of breeding populations of mammals, 31 species of snakes, 115 species of birds, 11 species of frogs and 21 species of spiders. Aside these, one can also explore a wide variety of rare and beautiful orchids in the north area of the park. In short, it is the number visiting place in Surat for nature lovers.

Bharthana National Park Surat

The Bharthana national park is the second largest national park in Surat. It is the most famous picnic spot for local and nearby residents of Surat. The park is covered with lush greenery and provide you the opportunity to listing the chippering of rarest birds, explore a wide variety of species from small to large in one place. It is spread in a large area where you can play with your friend and have a relaxing weekend.

So, you can choose any garden to have an enjoyable, wonderful and memorable weekend and picnic with your family and friends.

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