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Sardar Patel Museum Surat

Surat is the fourth fastest growing developing cities in the world. The historical heritage of pulsates through the tapestry of the city melding in its wake the modern and traditional facet. Science Center or the Planetarium in Surat, is a brilliant example of the coexistence of the two dynamics that run through the city.

About Sardar Patel Museum Surat

Sardar Patel Museum Surat is a multi-facility complex covering a 21800 sq m area. The Planetarium was initially established in 1889 and was known as ‘Winchester Museum’ then. The building was renamed after the freedom fighter Sardar V. Patel post independence of India. The state of the art complex is rebuilt in 2009 by the Surat Municipal Corporation. The multi-facility complex is a first of its type in west India. The complex has a Science Center, a planetarium an auditorium, an art gallery, a museum and an amphi-theatre.

Sardar Patel Museum Surat

A Note Before You Enter the Museum

Before proceeding further, Let warn you, Sardar Patel Museum is a museum even if it’s a fun museum worth visiting for every age group. So, if a museum is not your pick to quietly enjoy, better scroll for other things-to-do in Surat!
Now you may proceed!

Attractions of Sardar Patel Museum Surat

Planetarium- The planetarium in the complex is a spherical compound with a diameter of 16.30 m. It is an added attraction of this museum which runs a show on the origin of Universe regularly.
The compound displays the observation of the heavenly bodies including the stars, moon and planets displayed on the dome. The audio is played in three languages- Gujarati, Hindi and English.

Museum- The museum has more than 8400 antiquities including ancient manuscripts that exhibit the past heritage of the city. Artifacts and antiques in wood, porcelain, coins, copper, bronze, manuscripts, paintings, miniature paintings, sculptures, textile, etc. are an attractive scoop into the past. Documentaries are also showed in the auditorium aligned with the main museum body of the complex.

Science Gallery: This part of the complex houses a gallery that showcases science exhibitions in a fun way.

Amphitheater: Many cultural and historic shows are organized in the amphitheater which has a housing capacity of 250

Art Gallery: The gallery showcases the regional and modern art and ethnicity. The museum displays relics and artifacts related to the rich cultural history of Surat.

Auditorium: It has a seating capacity of 260 people. The compound is used for meetings, seminars and lectures.

Eating Joint: The top floor of the complex is used as a restaurant. The restaurant offers Guajarati delicacies as well as continental. 

Sardar Patel Museum or Planetarium, known also as Sardar Sangralaya, is a popular attraction of Surat and a perfect visiting destination for museum lovers.

How to Reach Sardar Patel Museum Surat

By Air: Various domestic and international flights connect Surat Airport to major cities.
By Rail: Rail connectivity to the cities eastern edge is one of the most preferred mode of transport.
By Road: You can hire a taxi. Public transport also connects the museum with other parts of the city.
Visiting Hours: Museum is Closed on every Sunday and on Public Holidays. Planetarium remains closed on Monday
Timings: 11:15 am – 1:45 pm (Wednesday - Saturday) & 2:45 pm – 5:45 pm (Sunday - Tuesday)
Best time to Visit- from October to March
Entry into Sardar Patel Museum is Paid

A Note While You are in the Museum

Ohh and if you have a fancy to show your pet the amalgam of Science and Tradition, show it snaps you might click, and the booklets you will get, sadly your pet's entry is not welcomed by the Museum Authorities!

Enjoy a day at the Sardar Patel Museum filled with pure and yet insightful fun.

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