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Sayan near Surat

Sayan is a beautiful city and a municipality in Surat district of Gujarat. Sayan near Surat serves as the main Sayan near Suratindustrial area in the district of Surat. This place is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Surat on NH 228. Sayan lies at a distance of 250 kilometers from the capital of Gujarat that is Gandhinagar and 15 kilometers from the Taluka named Olpad. This place is very famous for the sugar factories that it possesses. Native kolis form the majority of the population based in Sayan. The population of Sayan is approximately 22,000 according to the census report of 2001. The sex ratio is 50% male and female. The average literacy rate of Sayan is 65% where female literacy is 87% and male literacy is 90%. 14% population in Sayan is below six years of age.

Tourist Destinations Near Sayan

There are some amazing tourist destinations that lie very close to Sayan and tourists can always plan their trip to Sayan Surat for a wonderful experience. The best tourist places nearby Sayan are:


Navsari is one city that is very dynamic and vibrant and it is located very close to Sayan       Surat. The city dwellers are mainly Parsis that settled in the 11th century AD and it is the Parsis who named the city Navu sari meaning ‘New Sari’. Navsari not only consists of glorious natural environment and spectacular landscapes but at the same time it also serves as an important business and marketing center.


Bharuch is an old city in Gujarat and it is also a city that is located very close to Sayan. The city possesses a history that is 2000 years old and it is also considered as a very scared city because the Narmada River is found in this city. The city owes its beauty and charm to Solanki Rajputs and it is also considered as a major sea port that served to be very beneficial for the travelers and the traders in the 1st century AD. Tourists can always visit this place because of the existence of the Bhrigu Maharishi temple in Bharuch and this is the reason why Bharuch is also called “Bhrigukachba’.

Sugar Factory at Sayan Surat

The Sugar factory at Sayan is located in the interiors of the village that falls under the Taluka named Olpad in Surat district. The main areas of operation of this factory are 207 villages that include the Talukas named Choryasi, Olpad, Mandavi, Kamrej and Mangrol. The capital investment of the Sugar factory at Sayan is Rs. 61 crores and its annual turnover is Rs. 150 crores. Sayan possesses a very rich and fertile black cotton soil and this is the reason why cotton was a major crop Sayan but with time cotton disappeared and the sugarcane crop took its place which gave way to the establishment of the Sugar factory at Sayan. This Sugar factory has created huge income opportunities for the people of Sayan and it has also led to the industrial growth of the area. The people of Sayan that were previously employed in several kinds of agricultural activities are now part of the factory that has also led to the growth in the living standards of the people.

Villages and Cities Near Sayan

The villages that lie very close to Sayan Surat are Madhar (3 kilometers), Velanja (3 kilometers), Siwan (2 kilometers), Paria (3 kilometers) and Godhan (3 kilometers). The Olpad taluka lies in the western side of Sayan and the Surat taluka lies in its southern side. The Chorasi and the Palsana Talukas are the other two talukas that surround Sayan. Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Navsari and Surat are the cities that lie very close to Sayan Surat. The village also lies very close to the Arabian Sea and this is the reason why there is a lot of humidity in Sayan’s weather.

Some Facts about Sayan

  • Name of Taluka: Olpad
  • District: Surat
  • State: Gujarat
  • Languages Spoken: Sindhi and Gujarati, Marvadi, Hindi, Marathi, English, Oriya and Telugu.
  • Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
  • Altitude/Elevation: 19 meters above the level of sea.
  • Telephone code: 02621
  • Pin code: 394130
  • Post Office: Sayan

How to Reach Sayan

Sayan is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Surat and there are a lot of buses and public transport vehicles that ply from Surat to Sayan. The approximate time needed to travel from Surat to Sayan is 31 minutes depending on traffic conditions. The nearest railway stations to the village are Gothangam railway station and Sayan railway station. Surat railway station is also an important railway station that lies very close to Sayan. The Bhavnagar airport is the only airport that can be used for reaching Sayan by air since it is located at a distance of 97 kilometers from Sayan.

Sayan Surat is a good place in the state of Gujarat and it is basically famous for the employment opportunity that has been created in the form of Sugar factory in Sayan.

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