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Sightseeing in Surat

Surat the second largest city in Gujarat is recognized all across the world for its textile and diamond business. This beautiful city is acknowledged by several names like the “silk city”, and the diamond capital of the world.  In Surat, 92% of diamonds in the world market are cut and polished. Surat has the highest number of embroidery machines in any city in India and thus synonymous as the Embroidery capital of India.

Surat hold a significant place in India for not only commercial point of view, but tourism as well. Located close to the Arabian Sea, Surat is gifted with several wonderful and sightseeing attractions that have always drawn tourists from different parts of the India and abroad. A trip to Surat has a lot of things for the travel freak.

Sightseeing in Surat

Ranging from the historical palaces to museums or from cemeteries to castles, there are numerous things to watch in and around Surat.  A traveler will definitely fall short of his holidays as there is no end to the Surat attraction. There are countless gardens, hill stations palaces, ancient temples, museums, monuments and other natural attractions that is recognized for their own beauty and grandeur.

Some of the popular picnic spots in Surat are:

Old Fort in Surat

The Old Fort is one of the most popular picnic spots in Surat. The fort has very close connection with the history of India. This fort was constructed in the 14th century by the great ruler Muhammed Tuglak for the fortification against the attacks of Bhil tribe. The bhils are the local tribal people who took steps against Mughal rulers. The ideal period to visit Surat is winter season. Tourists can avail Surat by trains, buses and flights from different states.

Dumas in Surat

Located just a 16 Km drive away from Surat downtown, Dumas is renowned for the health resort that is located in the south east of Surat city. Travelers can explore the scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea from Dumas. The winter in Dumas is very enjoyable. During this time period, travelers can enjoy their health content while they stay in the health resort. The luxury and beautiful health cottages in Dumas are fully equipped with all modern luxury and communication amenities that rejuvenate one’s body and soul.

Chintamani Jain Temple in Surat

Chintamaini Jain temple is renowned for its beautiful interior design and craftsmanship. The exterior design of the temple is very simple as compared to intricately designed interior. All the pillars in Jain temple are constructed with wood that are supported with brackets and covered with paintings made with vegetable dyes.

Ukai in Surat

Ukai is one of the most famous picnic spots in Surat. Ukai is popular for ukai dam.  Ukai dam is also known as Vallabh Sagar is one of the largest dams in Surat city. It was built in 1971 across the river Tapti.

Swaminarayn Temple in Surat

Swaminarayan temple is one of the most famous temples in Surat. This temple belongs to the Swaminarayan Sect of Vaishnavism, wherein Sahajanand Swami or Swaminarayan is believed to be the avatar of Narayana. The temple has three shrines. The first shrine is dedicated to Radha-Krishna de and Harikrishan Maharaja. The second one is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, Gopalnand Swami and Guunatitanand Swami. And, the third shrine is dedicated to Maharaja Ghanshyam. All the three shrines are brightly colored and has wonderful wooden carving on the external wall.

Vansda National Park in Surat

Vansada National park is one of the best picnic spot for families in Surat and outside Surat. Sprawled over the area of 24 Km, Vansada is a home of several species, including tigers, leopards, rusty spotted cats, pythons, pangolins, four-horned antelopes, deer, giant squirrel and much more.  Vansada was the private getaway of the Maharaja Vansada. It was opened for public after independence.

Hazira near Surat

Hajira is a popular weekend destination for local people and tourist alike. The magnificent view of the Arabian Sea and beautiful weather condition, rejuvenate the soul and body of visitors. The beach is also embellished with the fragments of shells of various shapes and sizes. Children are pleased to collect shell fragment from the beach of Hazira.

If you have already explored all the attractions in Surat and looking for wonderful picnic spots near Surat, then you should go through the information given below.

Bardoli near Surat

Located just 34 km drive away from Surat city, Bardoli is years around visited by a large number for its historical significance. Bardoli satyagraha is one of the largest protest movement in Indian history.  This was the movement of local farmer and was started by Mahatma Gandi in 1921. The Swaraj ashram reflects the history of that great movement. Thus, being a weekend or tourist spot in Surat, Bardoli has great historical significance.

Wilson Hills near Surat

Wilson hills can be the best picnic spot for those who love adventure and natural beauties. The hill is located in a dense forest region and frequently visited by wild animals.  The rocky hill is best for adventurous trekking and mountain hiking.  Wilson hill is one of the few hill stations in the world from where one can see the sea.

Gabbar Hill in Surat

Located just 4 km away from Ambaji village, Gabbar hill is believed as the original seat of ambaji mata. According to Hindu mythology, the heart of devi Sati fell on the top of this hill. There are 999 steps to climb the mountain and reach to the Ambaji temple, situated on the top of the hill.

Children’s Park in Surat

Children’s park is one of the best weekend destinations for family vacation. The children’s park has a mini train and boating facilities that attract adults and children alike.  The ambiance and beauty of the park are incredible.

Chalico Textile Museum in Surat

The calico textile museum is 265 km drive away from Suart city. It is one of the best textile museums in the world.  The museum is recognized for its beautiful collection of fabrics that are collected from different corner of the country. From royal court to religious clothing, one can explore a wide collection of clothes within their price range. The lush greenery and beautiful fountain outside the museum provides an enchanting view.

Sayaji Baug, Gir national park, wellington dam, savali beach are also the best picnic spot for enjoyable and memorable weekend. The list of picnic places near surat or in Surat is limitless. It is therefore advised, to do proper planning to have an enjoyable and relaxing picnic experience.

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