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Surat Municipal Corporation

Suratis ranked 2nd and 8th in terms of area and population respectively in India. Located on the bank of River Tapti, Surat is one of the main cities of Gujarat. This city is known for its industrial excellence and growth with its roots strongly laid in diamond polishing and textile industries. It takes a major role in diamond cutting and polishing in the country and in the world and it has so many textile industries that it is called the textile capital of the country.

Surat Municipal Corporation
The boundaries of the city are expanding day by day and it is soon heading to be the largest city of the country. With the pace it is expanding, it is not going to take so long to achieve this. The municipality of Surat is a self-government body and it has come to action under the act of Bombay Provisional Municipal Act framed in 1949. The municipality of the city formed with the goal to carry out all the developmental actions described in this act.

Goals of Surat Municipal Corporation

The Surat Municipal Corporation’s goal is to achieve heights in development in every aspect of its citizens’ lives and it is working hard to achieve this goal and is getting succeeded in it. The Surat Municipal Corporation is not going to stop its developmental measures until the city is excellently equipped with all the necessary facilities and all its citizens’ get better standards of living than the present standards.

The Surat Municipal Corporation is seeking peoples’ participation in the development since, there would be no use of what so ever the government does if there is no citizens’ co-operation in it. Their co-operation would enable the municipality to further develop and maintain all the facilities.

Services by Surat Municipal Corporation

  • Continuous water supply
  • Roads which are equipped to bear all seasons.
  • Underground sewage facility
  • Affordable health services to everyone irrespective of their financial status.
  • Wastage removal system which would allow the useful waste to be recycled.
  • Betterment of the standards of people in slums and providing accommodation to them.
  • Emergency fire service.
  • Recreation parks construction.
  • Improving urban area and facilitating its growth.

Secondary Goals of Surat Municipal Corporation

  • Growth in trade and commerce
  • Developing higher education and research facilities
  • Encouraging industries
  • Developing health services
  • Emphasis in sports and games
  • Encouraging peoples’ participation in development
  • Accommodation to cultural growth
  • Encouraging the fields of entertainment and relaxation
These are the goals set by the Surat Municipal Corporation and the body is heading straight to the completion of these goals since many of them are being already achieved. The basic facilities a city would require are completely achieved and the Surat Municipal Corporation is keen on achieving its secondary goals and it proves that there isn’t much time to complete these secondary goals and stand as one of the most developed cities of the country.

Statutory Authority of the Surat Municipal Corporation

The following authorities are distributed according to the provision of the BPMC Act 1949 and Section 4:

General Board

Adhoc Committee:
Committee of Khadi
Committee of lectures
Committee for mayor’s fund

Special Committee:
Public Works
Water Works
Town planning
Social Welfare and recreation
Hospital and Health
Housing project and Garden
Light and Fire
Slum Improvement
Advisory Committee for Maskati Hospital

Standing Committee: This committee constitutes of Municipal Secretary and auditor. All divisional heads report to the municipal commissioner.

Centers of Surat Municipal Corporation

Here are the centers of Surat Municipal Corporation spread in various areas of the city:

Central Zone: S.M.C. Main Office, Muglisara, Surat
Phone: 6541993

East Zone: East Zone Nr. Saifee Society, Opp. Panchwati Wadi, Lambe Hanuman Road, Surat
Phone: 2551363 / 2547750

West Zone: Tadwadi, New Rander Road, Surat
Phone: 2786181 / 3258315

North Zone: North Zone Municipal Shopping Centre, Gotala Wadi, Katargam, Surat
Phone: 2530518 / 2535100

South Zone: South Zone Udhna Main Road, Opp. Satyanagar Society, Udhna, Surat
Phone: 2277043 / 2278429

The Surat Municipal Corporation acts as a model municipality and is proceeding towards being one of the most developed cities of the country.

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