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Things to do in Surat

Did you think Surat has nothing that gives you that adrenaline rush under the sunny dawn and after the dark, then you are much mistaken! The city is the seventh most populated city in India. And is as colorful, adventurous and exciting as any big city you dot on the map of the world.

Surat has several places to go and much more things to be done to fill your memories with. You can plan for excursions in and around the city for a fun filled experience in Surat Gujarat.

Things to do in Surat

Check out this detailed list and find out what options you can unfurl when you are in the city.

Savoring the Flavors!

The first thing you notice as you set foot in Surat is the Gujarati cuisine. The distinct aroma, the sweet, sour and spicy flavors of the snacks sold everywhere on the by lanes are the invitation we recommend you to indulge. The city can go well off as the SNACK CAPITAL of India owing to the variety of street food. We recommend you to try out the local dishes before setting forth to the Pizza Hut, Mc D, and other fast food restaurants and takeaways.

The city is primarily a vegetarian’s paradise. The cuisine with its ingredients, flavors and cooking style is specific and exclusive to the state. However, you can definitely find out north Indian and south Indian food sold with equal flourish.

Leisuring in the City

The first favorite on our places to visit list in Surat is a stroll down the Chowpati. Savor the snacks the local vendors dish out, they have a distinct feel to your experience in Surat.
Among the many gardens, one of the oldest and most loved picnic gardens in Surat is the Jawahar Lal Nehru Garden popularly referred to as Chowpati is a favorite with picnic goers in the city. The Entry to this garden is paid and your pet is not allowed to wander in the garden. The timings for the garden are- 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Enjoying Beaches

The Ubharat, Tithal, and Dumas Beaches are the most popular hangouts for leisure loving beach exploring travelers in Surat. The palm fringed sandy beaches are perfect for those bright sunny days.
And if you are the solitude seeking leisure wandering then Suvali beach is the perfect choice for you. The beach is about 20 km from the city and is characterized by the black sand. Hazira beach about 28 km down south from the city has a bird sanctuary near that makes it a worth visit.

Having Adventure Fun

Who says, Surat does not fill much to your cuppa in this regard! Luxury land cruises are another attraction for sea lovers. If you thought that the adventure zone in the city is restricted to  water parks facilitating various water sports like see diving and scuba diving only, then you are in for adventure filled exciting days in Surat. Sports like Warzone Paintball at Anuvrat Dhwar, Citylight, gives you 1-2 hours of pure fun. Safari is another experience you will like to indulge in.
The city does not support any trekking expeditions or bungee jumping! Although, if you are among those who consider shopping an outdoor sport, Surat is your destination for sure!

Visiting National Parks and Reserves

Wild life safari to the national park and the wild life reserve near Surat is going to give you that adventure thrift with nature. The below mentioned three options make a perfect weekend getaway from Surat. Check these out!
The Vansada National Park is about 120 km from Surat. Once a royal reserve of the Vansada king, the national park has a wide variety of plants and species.
Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located about 145 km from Surat borders river Narmada. The sanctuary is home to 575 flowering plants the houses Karjan Reservoir and Sardar Sarovar Reservoir.
Purna Wildlife Sanctuary which is about 142 km east of Surat,  has the highest average rainfall. The sanctuary got its name from the Purna River it is situated along, is the thickest forest cover in Gujarat.

Sight Seeing in Surat

The city does not have many monuments to present its architectural grandeur.
Surat Fort is built by the then ruler of the city is a heavy built strong fenced fort that was constructed to defend the city against Bhil tribe of the region. Established by the Sultan of Gujarat in 1546, now a corporate establishment, you can definitely check out the Surat Castle.
Mughal Sarai is a brilliant example of Mughal Architecture in Surat. An ancient monument, it has beautiful facade, characteristic magnificent arches with intricately crafted parapets.

Shopping in Surat

Fill your bags with goodies at the swanky malls scattered along the city. Shopping is indeed going to lift your mood and the gourmet delights in the malls at Dumas Road and Ghod Road will fill your tummy with the tastiest delicacies the city has to offer.
Do make a point to visit the textile market when you are in Surat. With a huge variety of textile goods, fine yarns and embroidered silk and brocade, the market has it all to suite your taste.
The sparkle and glitter of the diamond market in Varchha Road is where you can partake of the experience of the expensive world class trinkets.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to enjoy your trip in Surat is from October to March. Avoid the hot and steamy weather during summers to visit the city.

Enjoy your stay in Surat and fill your days with pure fun and excitement. The city has no dearth of option to indulge in.

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