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Top 5 Picks from Surat

While walking through the streets of the beautiful city of Surat, it would be quite unsurprising if the shopping bug inside you gets aroused. The kind of amazing collection of shopping stuff that the city offers - be it exquisite handlooms, ghagra cholis, sparkling diamonds, elegant zaris and a lot more bits and pieces, is enough for such a response from anybody.

Surat is very much eminent for its woodcrafts, diamonds, textiles, gems and silverware and so, offering a range of options to the shoppers to let their purses loose. Talking about diamonds, undoubtedly, Surat has a reason to boast of as it is a globally acknowledged diamond workplace in the world. Besides, the city is also a booming destination for the textiles and is famed in the world for its high quality textiles.

Top 5 Items to Buy from Surat
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Now that you are familiar with the shopping ideas in Surat, make sure you carry some extra bags with you so that you can get a few extra souvenirs for your friends and family back at the ranch. Read out below to find out what are the top five items that are must buys on a trip to Surat

The Jewels Temptations

Jewellery in Surat

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Surat is a renowned place for diamond cutting and polishing divisions. The city houses a number of expert labors who are dexterous in the cutting and polishing of diamonds. As you saunter through the narrow streets of the city, it is quite common that you find a cluster of gold shops and souks selling jewels and diamonds. Some of the famous shops from where you can buy gold in Surat are Ratnasagar Jewelers, Charu Jewels, Hira Panna Shopping Mall, Diam Jewels and Hardeep Jewelers.

The Charm of Handicrafts

Top 5 Items to Buy from Surat
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The city of Surat has got every reason to pride itself on its rich tradition of handicrafts. Here, you will find a vast variety of pieces of art that you can buy for yourself or your friends and family. Surat is well known for its startling collection of gauzily crafted exemplars of handicraft such as lamp tables, jewelry boxes, idols of Gods and Goddesses, and a lot of other items. Also, look for some other items that are made of tin and ivory. You can also visit the Government Emporium in Surat. Here, you will find fine wooden items and that too at reasonable prices.

The touch of Antique Silverwares

Top 5 Items to Buy from Surat
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You will definitely find a lot of shops selling silver relics while wandering through the streets of the city. The artisans of Surat are worldwide famous for making traditional items of silver that are admired by the tourists and the localites equally. Two of the best places to shop silver wares and ornaments are Shilpa Jewelers and Gangaur Jewelers.

The Worm of Silk

Top 5 Items to Buy from Surat
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Shopping in the city of Surat would not be complete without having bought the famous silk saris. Saris are a fancy for every woman in the world. Surat has some of the finest types of silk saris such as Kinkhab, Gajee and Tanchoi.  With a view to easy the shopping of ilk, the city has a number of private markets and Government emporiums. Of course, Surat is one of the prominent centers of zari manufacturing in the country. There are many workshops that make beautiful zari designs out of fine silver and gold threads. Do not forget to pick up few of the gleaming garments embroidered with striking work of salma, kinari and zari, while shopping in the city.

The Works of the Wood

Top 5 Items to Buy from Surat

Another specialty of the city of Surat is the Sadeli work. The expert artisans create various goods by cutting thin strips of wood and pasting them to make beautiful designs on the caskets or boxes. There are private shopping outlets and various Government emporiums where you can buy these items. If you are good at bargaining, you can also check out the stuff with the street vendors.

So, whenever you get a chance to visit Surat, ensure that you make full use of your trip by getting a lot of shopping bags jam-packed with artifacts and souvenirs from the city.

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