Administration in Surat

Surat, a city of Gujarat, lies in the western part of India. The traces of the existence of the city which are found, reveals the existence since 1500-1520AD. Surat is located on the Tapi River and has a 6 km long coastal belt along the Arabian Sea.  

Administration in Surat

The Surat Municipal Corporation has many roles in maintaining the administration in the city.

Administrative Departments in Surat

The city is divided in different zones, to make administration easy. There are different zone office and ward offices that maintain and administrate particular zone or ward. The public services provided by Surat Municipal Corporation has been decentralized and incorporated by Zonal system.

The functioning of the zone office are:

Health Department

Scavenging the entire area, Sewer related problems, Food inspection, License permit, Vaccination/Birth/Death registration, Family planning, to remove stray animals

Assessment and Recovery Department

Property assessment, property tax/education tax, appeals regarding assessment and rent recovery for corporation property, maintaining law, registration/registration renewal of shops and firms, Court complaints regarding breach of law

Engineering Department
To build roads and road repair works, to build new buildings, maintain municipal properties, to maintain school building, maintain and to put new water lines, take legal action for illegal connections and many other facilities provided to people. 

Roles of the Ward Office
Clean, sprinkle pesticide, disposal of solid waste, disposal of carcasses, License renewal for non edible, cleaning of drainage, cleaning of well, chlorination of well water, taking legal actions against nuisance, Issue licence for eatable and non eatable items under the BPMC Act 1949.

Administrative Zones in Surat

The city is divided in 7 zones, named as west zone, central zone, north zone, east zone, south zone, southwest zone and southeast zone.

These zones are further divided in number of wards which are:

West zone – Adajan Patiya, Adajan Gam, Rander, Ramnagar, Krushnakunj, Jahangirpura, Gorta, Palgam, Palanpore, Variav, Tadwadi and Shalimar depot.

Central zone – Nanpura, Makkaipul, Rustampura, Sagarampura, Runderpura, Navapura, Salabatpura, Begunpura, Moti Talkies, Haripura, Mahidharpura, Saiydpura, Laldarwaja, Gopipura, Wadi Faliya, Chowk Bazar, Nanawat and Shapore

North Zone – Katargam, Paras, Gotalawadi, Fulpada, Amroli, Chhaparabhatha, Akhandanand, Ved Dabholi, Nani Bahucharaji, Kosad Awas, Kosad, and Utran

East Zone – Navagam, Karanj, Lambe Hanuman, Ashwanikumar, Kapodra, Nana Varachha, Bhagyoday, Pune, Simada, Mota Varachha, and Sarthana

South Zone – Khatodara, Udhna Gam, Vijayanagar, Pandesara-Bhewad, Bhestan, Pandesara-Housing, Pandesara Bamroli, Udhna Sandh, Un-Gabheni, Vadod-Dipli/Budia-Dundi, Jiyav-Sonari, and New Bamroli

Southwest Zone – Athwa,Piplod, City light, Althan Bhatar, Khatodara Pumping, Panas Ward, Karimad, Vesu, Magdalla, Dumas, and Khajod

Southeast Zone – Umarwada, Anjana, Magob, Mithikhadi, Limbayat, Udhna Yard, Navgam/Dindoli, Magob-Parvat, Godadara, Dindoli Ward, Parvat Magob

The administrative officers and offices have defined duties to be followed. They maintain the law and peace in the city.

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