Art and Craft in Surat

Surat is a very popular port city that is situated on the shores of River Tapti in Gujarat that lies in the western side of India and it is a state that is highly renowned as a clean, fast growing and developed metropolis in India. 

The population of Surat is 4.5 million and it ranks second among the largest cities in Gujarat and eighth in India. 

The western border of Surat overlooks Gulf of Khambhat while the city is considered to be the largest producer of precious gems in the world. Approximately 90% diamonds of the world are polished and cut in Surat.

Art and Craft in Surat

Tourism is a very important category in Surat and there are thousands of people who visit Surat every year because of its possession of beaches, parks, historic monuments and buildings. Surat is also considered as the ‘Economical Capital of Gujarat’ because of its fast developing tendency. 

New jobs are being created in the city along with educational opportunities, wealth, cultural activities and environment. Surat is a city that is very well equipped and well connected. 

There are a number of important capital projects like Museum, Planetarium, Science Center and even Art gallery Museum that have been taken up by Surat Municipal Corporation. 

Some of the major Art Galleries in Surat have been described below:

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum possesses 8400 antiquities in categories of porcelain, bronze, copper, wood, coins, porcelain, manuscripts, miniature paintings, textile, sculptures and various other things.

Art Gallery in Science Center

The Art Gallery of Science Centre provides a number of display alternatives by means of exhibitions of contemporary art. 

The local artists of Surat and even artists from outside the city get ample opportunities of showcasing their art and their talent through these exhibitions that are held time and again at the art gallery in Science Centre. The art gallery has a single floor and the booking rates are different for each floor.

Science Center in Surat

Science Center is one of the important recreation centers in Surat which possesses thematic galleries that generally exhibit displays related to the field of Technology and Science. 

There are Fun Science Exhibits showcased on the very first floor of the Science Center and there are plans of forming the Space, Textile and Diamond galleries on the second floor of the Science Center.

Viraj Arts: Ghod Dod Road, Umra Gam, Athwa, Surat-395001, Gujarat. Art Gallery Timing: 11 am to 8.30 pm.

Divine Art Gallery: Shankar Plaza, Near Surat People’s Bank, Nanpura Timiliyawad Road, Surat, Gujarat. Art Gallery Timing: 9 am to 10 pm.

Tara Art Gallery: H 16 A, Parle Point Place, Athwa lines, Surat – 395001, Gujarat

Satnam Art Gallery: 4, Radha Nagar Society, Modi Bungalow, Ichchanath Road, Ichhanath Road, Surat – 395007, Gujarat.

Excellent Framing: E 20, Kanaknidhi Complex, Opp Gandhi Smruti Bhavan, Timiliyawad, Nanpura, Surat – 395001, Gujarat

Golden Touch Art Gallery: Basement, Citylight Shopping Center, Near Ashok Pan Center, City Light Road, Citylight Road, Surat – 395007, Gujarat

Shree Sidhe Vinayak Murti Bhandar: Citylight Road, Surat – 395007, Gujarat

Handicrafts in Surat Handicrafts in Surat

The entire state of Gujarat is virtually blessed with vibrant and rich convention of handicrafts. 

The crafts and the arts of Gujarat are diverse and they are an assimilation of aesthetic appeal. 

Surat city in Gujarat has always remained popular as an important port and entry point to the enormous riches of craft forms and myriad textiles. 

Surat is not only a good harbor but it possesses a fair access of the forests belonging to the neighbouring Dang that contributes towards the formation of Vansda National Park in Surat. 

The districts that serves as neighbors to Surat have a very dense population of tribal settlements belonging to the communities like Turis, Bhil, Nayaks and Rathwas. 

Popularity of Surat Handicrafts

The characteristic handiworks of Surat are popular in the Indian Territory as well as in the foreign countries. 

There are numerous weaving and painting styles that are found to be practiced on a large scale in the material good or textile industries of the city of Surat. 

Sarees of Surat

Surat city is also very popular for the Sarees that are manufactured here. The famous styles in sarees are Brocade, Gharchola, Panetar, Tanchoi

Patola Sarees of Ahmedabad

Patola is the best hand-woven saree from Surat. This saree is basically famous for its geometrical patterns that are very colorful and that contribute towards making the saree strikingly beautiful.

Zari Work and Brocade Weaving

Surat is a city that possesses a very strong foundation of very old houses of business that engage Zari Work of Suratthemselves in vivacious trade to Southeast Asia and Europe. 

Surat solely indulges in work of Zari which is done by the use of the assimilation of silver and gold threads that helps in creating juxtaposed superfluities on marvelous fabric.

Other Handicraft Work in Surat

Other industries of Handicrafts in Surat city are Lacquer Work, Sculpture, Miniature painting, Dance, Wood Craving, Stone Carving, Calligraphy, Printing, Embroidery, Dhurries, Pottery

Needlework in Surat Needlwork in Surat

The needlework that is found in Surat is very famous throughout the world and the main reason behind the popularity of this needlework is its accuracy and elegance. 

Appliqué work and Ari bharat are unique traditional skills in embroidery. Toran is a very common doorway decoration which is embroidered and it consists of hanging flaps. 

Toran is considered to bring in good luck for the people if placed on the doorway. Pacchipatis are embroidered frieze that are hung from corners and they are used as welcome symbol for visitors. 

Chaklas are square pieces that are embroidered and these pieces are used as covers for furniture while Bhitiya is embroidered wall hanging. 

Abhala is a embroidered mirror inset which has recently transformed into ethnic and chic fashion where very small discs of mirror are closely fixed with the work of silken thread.

Tie and Dye of Surat: Bandhej Tie and Dye Work of Surat

 Bandhej is a tie and dye fabric which is popular because of its patterns and intricate designs which is demanded throughout the world. 

Sarees and Gharchola odhni are very important outfits in Surat and they are used for weddings for gracing the beauty of Gujarati women. 

Bandhej fabric is often found to be brocaded with zari work and this type of fabric is produced on fine cotton known as mulmul and is sometimes combined with motifs and gol checks that are found to be worked in jamdani technique.

Bead Work of Surat Bead Work of Surat

Beadwork also forms to be another Surati specialty. Patterns and motifs dictate the technique of arranging beads together. 

Kathis are the tribals who excel in the production of beadwork that is worked on backgrounds that are white and by the use of vibrant colors and distinct patterns.

Jewellery of Surat Jewellery of Surat

Art of precious stone cutting, processing and creating jewellery is considered to be the traditional handicraft of Surat.

Furnishings of Surat

Surat is also famous for various kinds of furnishings ranging from elegant and simple cushion covers to bed covers and quilts is various styles. 

These furnishings are pleasantly embroidered and they also contain micro mirrors, animal motifs, patch worked and even geometrical motifs. Quilts are also very popular items of handicrafts. 

Other items of utility like Kalamkari and woven table covers; block printed table and bed linen and tablemats are also very popular as handicrafts in Surat. Dhurries and namdas are traditional floor spreads that are woven with goat and camel hair and even cotton and wool.

Pottery of Surat Pottery of Surat

Pottery is the oldest handicraft in Surat and it is famous worldwide. The village potters that indulge in pottery are excellent at turning clay wonders into great pieces of handicraft.

Terracotta toys also form a major handicraft of the Surati potters. Potter communities in Surat and throughout Gujarat also excel in mud wall painting that are decorated with plaques and mirrors.

Woodwork of Surat

Lacquered furniture is an important handicraft industry in Surat. The woodcraft and the furniture of Saurahsthtra and Surat are very famous. Woodcarvings throughout Gujarat are generally found in houses and temples.

Handicrafts for Temples in Surat

Temple curtains that comprise Goddess Durga riding on her tiger and other illustrations belonging to Puranic legends have been excavated and they are mainly used by the people of Gujarat as a welcome symbol for visitors.

Production and Export of Surat Handicrafts

These are some of the stores and shops in Surat that deal in the manufacture and even in the export of handicrafts to local people and to different international cities and towns. Handicrafts and art form a major source of income for the people of Surat and entire Gujarat. 

It is only because of the art form practiced in Surat and the handicrafts that are done by the tribals of Surat that people have been able to lead an average lifestyle in the city. 

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