Companies in Surat

The location and infrastructure of Surat have always helped the growth of industries. The diamond city, as it is pronounced plays a vital role in shaping up the economy of India. 

Surat is also called 'Manchester of India' because of the numerous textile industries in Surat. Many governments and private sector companies have set up their manufacturing units in Gujarat besides textile and diamond processing industries.

Companies in Surat

Pharmaceutical Companies in Surat

Surat is often called the hub of pharmaceutical industry in India. Many pharmaceutical companies are engaged in manufacture of ethical and generic medicines. These pharmaceutical companies are engaged in developing medicines of the highest quality with affordable prices. 

Pharmaceutical companies follow the international quality standard like WHO CMP, Schedule ‘M’, USM PSA, USA PSA as well as ISO 9001-2000.

Construction Companies in Surat

Surat is Gujarat’s second largest city of Gujarat and eighth most populated city of India. Surat’s annual GDP growth is over 12% which makes it most desired place venture an enterprise. 

No wonder Construction companies are offering their attractive residential and commercial projects in Surat. Due to construction boom, Surat is likely to by 15%. 

Diamond Companies in Surat Diamond in Surat

These diamond companies buy rough diamonds from  different part of the world & then cut and polish these diamonds which are sold and exported all over the world. 

You can find a sparkling range of double cut diamonds, rose cut diamond, round brilliant cut diamond, folding piece diamond, fancy cut diamond and custom made diamonds in Surat. 

These diamond companies help building the economy and getting foreign exchange through exports.

Dairy Products Companies in Surat Milk firm in Surat

Sumul or Surat Milk Union Limited, now known as The Surat District Co-operative Milk Union Ltd, manufactures dairy products for Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited which is the marketers of Amul products.

Textile Manufacturing Companies in Surat

There are manufacturers of yarn steaming autoclave, yarn conditioning plants, yarn dyeing machines, vertical and horizontal tubular dying machine in Surat. 

You can find transformer and allied products manufacturing companies in Surat. Power looms are widely used and manufactured in Surat.

Textile Manufacturer in Surat

Textile related machines like Textile dryer, gas heater, hot air ovens, steel pipes/tubes, material handling equipments, fabricated equipments and machines are manufactured in Surat.

Automation Companies in Surat

Automation industry provides multiple layers of safety features to every automation kit. The Company is an Exporter and a  provider of PLC & DCS Systems and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panel.

You can find several PLC system manufacturers in Surat. Manufacture of pump house automation device and projects in dyes and intermediate industries are common practice in Surat. 

Such industries target 4 level of automation like monitoring, control, and execution and information. Automation industries contribute a lot to process industry in India.

Electronic Companies in Surat

Electronics industries in Surat are engaged in manufacturing MPCC solar controller, LED Street light, high beam torch, LED based emergency light, voltage stabilizers, high voltage transformer, temperature controller, water level controller, SCR DC Drive, digital shock guard, gas sequence controller.

Chemical Manufacturing Companies in Surat

Finotex group manufacturer chemicals for textiles, fertilizers, leather, construction, water treatment, paint industries. Gujarat chemicals are involved in the manufacture of detergents, pesticides, ethylene oxide derivatives, oilfield chemicals, alkanol etc. You can find many dyes and chemical manufacturers in Surat.

Surat has remarkably been contributing to the national income, by means of these companies that stand like stalwarts on the grounds of international business.

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