Food in Surat

Food in Surat

Surat - Ideal City for Foodie

Surat is basically a vegetarian place and the people of Surat do not indulge in consuming even egg. Surat also consists of Jains who are not used to consuming food with garlics and onions in it. 

This is the reason why there are not many restaurants in Surat that provide non-vegetarian food. However, the veg food preparation of Surat will force the non-veg food lovers to take a leave from the intake of non-vegetarian food for some time because of the taste of vegetarian food prepared in Surat. 

There are some specialties of Surat like Lochu which is a paste made out of gram flour that is flavored with spices like garlic and served with coriander chutney and oil. 

Eating Out in Surat

The top crowd days for eating out are Saturdays and Sundays when not a single person in Surat stays indoors. Weekend evenings are not meant for staying at home. The crowd of the people is generally found on Kamrej Chowk which is the starting point of the highway and the crowd continues till Magdalla which is the end point of Surat. 

Footpath Eateries in Surat

The people of Surat practice a very exclusive habit which is called ‘Footpath eateries’. This is a system that is found to exist only in Surat and is not found in any other city in India.

The hawkers who are found selling different kinds of snacks for the people out there are very cheerful, kind and gracious and in a way it can be said that the hawkers love feeding people. 

Some Surati Dishes

Some of the most exclusive and special Surati dishes include Surti Undhiyu, Locho, Rasawala Khaman, Surti Ghari, Ghotalo and Cold coco. Stereotypical Gujarati cuisine is sweet but Surati food is rather spicy than being sweet. 

Ponk is roasted millet and it is a variety that is available only in Surat. Surat is also popular for the celebration of Chandi Padvo when the people of Surat indulge in buying lots of Ghari and different other delicacies of Surat. 

Cuisine of Surat

The city of Surat is very famous for the traditional food that is found in this city and it is also famous worldwide. There is a minimal utilization of sugar in Surati dishes. The people of Surat mainly consume jowar while the people of North Gujarat and Saurashthtra consume maize and bajra

Surati Gujarati Thali Famous Dish in Surat

It serves as an absolute treat for the taste buds of the people. There are four major components contained in the Surati Gujarati Thali namely Pulses, Cereals, Rice, vegetables and other supplements like chutney, pickle, buttermilk, salad and papad.

 The dishes of Surat generally contain a lot of green chillies, ginger, and jaggery. 

Sugar is also an alternative that is used in place of jaggery. The Thali is a delectable platter and it is impossible to resist the taste of this Thali. Tuver Dal is the staple food of Surat and this dal is served along with rice. 

Exclusive Gujarati Food Culture

The Cuisine in Surat is famous all over the world. Roadside kiosks known as “rekdis” and “laaris”are very common and even popular in the city. 

Cuisine in Surat is also very large consisting of the very common Gujarati Thali and even South Indian Food. Surat also consists of numerous renowned eateries like Klassic Deewan-e-Khaas and Indian Curry that are very good at providing traditional food of India. 

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