Gas Service in Surat

Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) is a major Gas Agency in Surat that supplies natural gas to domestic households and even the commercial and non-commercial customers. The industrial customers are also catered to by GSPC.

Gas Company Ltd. is a company of the State Petroleum Corporation in Gujarat and this company has come into existence in order to fulfill the presence of GSPC in the chain of Energy value. 

GSPC gas is playing a very important role in supplying the amount of gas required by the cities and towns of Gujarat and it has set up its retail networking chains at several points and locations in Gujarat. 

The core philosophy of GSPC is into the distribution of gas in a very big way and to emerge in the form of a company complete in energy supplies.

Gas Service in Surat

Main Segments of GSPC

GSPC gas in Gujarat also deals in the supply of natural gas in the form of compressed gas by way of CNG stations that have been started throughout Gujarat including Surat that helps in catering to the gas requirements of vehicles.

Gas Supply in Surat

Natural gas is generally methane and it also consists of other higher hydrocarbons in minuscule percentages. Methane is considered to be very environment-friendly because it contains very low percentage of carbon in comparison to hydrogen and therefore methane burns completely. Methane is procured from gas wells and oil wells and is transported through a pipeline network.

PNG or Piped Natural Gas is actually natural gas that is supplied through a network of polyethylene and mild steel pipelines.

CNG is another form of gas which is Compressed Natural Gas and it is auto fuel in gaseous state. This type of gas is very economical and it is being used nowadays as the chief fuel for many vehicles. This type of gas is pollution free and it also burns in a very clean manner.

This type of gas mainly consists methane and it is compressed upto 200 bar pressure in order to make it compatible of being stored in large tanks of fuel hence the name Compressed Natural gas. Other great features of CNG are that it is odorless, colorless, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic and even lighter in comparison to air.

Customer Segments

Domestic Customers: Domestic customers are the customers of natural gas who require gas for the purpose of cooking and water heating through gas geysers. GSPC deals in the supply of natural gas to domestic customers throughout Surat and many other parts of Gujarat.

Industrial Customers: Industrial customers of natural gas are the ones who require natural gas for industrial setups. The industrial customers mainly use piped gas as an energy source for processes that are industry specific. 

Commercial Customers: Commercial customers of natural gas are commercial entities and setups like restaurants and hotels.

Non-Commercial Customers: Non-commercial customers of natural gas are charitable organizations that work for the welfare of the people. At present, the main natural gas supplier in Surat is GSPC that provides natural gas to all the domestic, industrial, commercial and non-commercial customers throughout Surat and in many important parts of Gujarat.

Gas Agencies in Surat

Some other gas agencies in Surat have been detailed below:

Udhna Gas Co.
Address: Show Room Tower A, Sangh Commercial Complex, Next to Divya Bhaskar Press Opp Udhna Telephone Exchange, Udhna, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat 394210
Phone: 0261 227 7134

RM Suppliers 
Address: Shop No. 119-120, 1st Floor, The Galleria Shopping Hub,, Nr. Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium, opp. Pal RTO, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009
Phone: 074900 13498

Laxmi Gas Company
Address: 4/25 Khatodara Colony Opp Empire State B uilding, Ring Rd, near Udhana Darwaja, Aman Nagar, Surat, Gujarat 395002
Phone: 093747 06867

Surat Industries
Address: 14/1045, F.P. No. 292, P. No. 195, Mahatma Industrial Estate B/H Mahavir Timber Mart, Gujarat 395002

Verni Gas Corporation
Address: 13/2, Bhartiyawadi, Under Alkapuri bridge, Flower market, Ashwini Kumar Rd, Surat, Gujarat 395008
Phone: 099797 00426

Hetvi Enterprise - Gas Geyser & All Gas Solution
Address: 7/3848-A, Naliya Sheri, Lal Darwaja, Rughnathpura, Surat, Gujarat 395003
Phone: 099138 09990

Jindal composite pipe- air pipe-gas pipe- hot&cold water Boiler pipe sitaram enterprise
Address: 1st,floor pramukh shopping pramukh park society chhaprabhatha rod, opp. स्वामीनारायण टेम्पल, Amroli, Surat, Gujarat 394107

SUPERGAS Sub-Franchisee - Roshani gas agency
Address: Puna Gam Road, Bhatar Char Rasta, Tirupati Nagar, Vidhey Nagar, Varachha, Surat, Gujarat 394210
Phone: 098791 66950

Amardeep Gas & Home Appliances
Address: Sagar To Puna Rd Near, Kargil Chowk, Ami Park Society, Punagam, Varachha, Surat, Gujarat 395006
Phone: 099133 29678

Getting a Gas Connection in Surat

Getting a Gas connection in Surat is not a big deal and it isn’t difficult either. There are a lot of companies in Surat that provide new gas connection in Surat and they also provide the facility of online gas connection in Surat. 

One such company that offers the facility of gas connection in Surat is Bharat Gas that also provides the facility of online gas connection.

Getting Gas Connection Online in Surat

Online gas connection in Surat can be done by having the correct information about the link that is required to be used for logging in. first of all it is important to choose a company like Bharat gas for online gas connection. 

Customers need to log into to the website of the company and then register themselves with the website by the creation of a login username and password. 

This username and password is important because it allows the customer to access every information present on the website and also adds to the scopes of interacting online. 

The order can be placed online which would require filling an application form. After the submission of the application form online, it is important for the customers to wait patiently for a response on the company’s end. 

Once a response is received at the end of the company one can visit the nearest gas connection and refill office to pick the order. 

The documents that are required to be submitted at the time of new gas connection in Surat are:
  • Photocopy of ration card.
  • Identification proof that can be a voter id or passport.
  • Copy of telephone bill, residential address and electricity bill.
  • Address proof copy or letters of house possession.
Once the above documents are submitted, the application that is submitted online for new gas connection is cross checked and the connection is allotted. 

After the new gas connection is allotted, it is important to check in the documents and then show the originals so that the company that provides the connection is rest assured about the correct identity of the person who is being provided the gas connection.

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