Media in Surat

Gujarat can be separated into three different regions:  Kachchh (West Gujarat), Gujarat Plains (East), Saurashtra (Central Gujarat).
Out of 3.5 crore populations in Gujarat, one third of them are urban. Each region has a bizarre culture; traditions and distinct language. There are more than 400 Gujarati language publications which are catering to this rural and urban populace. Top publications from Gujarat are, Sandesh, Grih Shobha, Chitralekha and Gujarat Samachar. Gujarat Samachar & Sandesh Newspapers are close contestants. Sandesh has an edge because of its rural readers.TV has highest media reach of 46% in Gujarat. Press reach is 36%.Radio reach is merely 3%.Gurati dailies grab 36% whereas English dailies constitute only 2%.Urban population has got the maximum media reach of  around about 72% whereas rural population has media reach of around about 31% only. Urban population has 57% press media reach whereas only 24% rural population reaches out to press media. Urban population supersedes rural population by reading 55% Gujarati language newspapers whereas only 24% rural population has Gujarati press media reach. Above study shows that the urban population of Surat watches Gujarati TV Channels. However, there is a large section in Surat of Hindi viewers also.

Media in Surat

Television News Channels in Surat

Here are the TV news channels in Surat:
  • ETV Gujarati: A Guajarati General Entertainment & news channel owned by ETV   
  • Sandesh News: A Guajarati News Channel owned by Sandesh Group                
  • TV9 Gujarat: A Gujarati News Channel owned by TV9 Group      
  • Nirmana News: A 24 x 7 Gujarati News Channel    
  • GSTV: A Gujarati News Channel owned by Gujarat Samachar
  • Bizz News: A Gujarati News Channel owned by real estate/company    
  • Lakshya TV: A 24 x 7 Gujarati Religious TV Channel
Other TV Channels include Samay TV, Mitra TV and S9 Star News. Jalsa TV, a Gujarati Entertainment channel by the transmedia Group to be launched in 2013.Divya Bhasker newspaper group is also launching a Gujarati news channel. Nest TV, A Gujarati News Channel promoted by Nest Media commercial services group is preparing to launch shortly. CNBC Guajarati,  an upcoming Gujarati business channel) owned by CNBC-TV 18.Bazaar Nazar Gujarati, owned by Vinesh K. Chhaya and Arround Gujarat, owned by Maharaja Group.                    

Newspapers in Surat

Find the below list of Gujarati language newspapers:
  • Gujarat Samachar
  • Sandesh   
  • Divya Bhaskar
  • Mumbai Samachar
  • Nobat
  • Sambhav
  • Gujaratmitra
  • Economics Times (Gujarati)
  • Akila Daily
  • Aajkal
  • Gujarat Today
  • Sardar Gurjari
  • Kutchmitra
  • Aankhodekhi
  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • Western Times
  • Sambhaav Supplement for Children
Sandesh is Ahmedabad based Gujarati is one of the oldest newspaper of Surat. It was founded in 1923. Sandesh is also published from Baroda, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. The Sandesh also publishes Gujarati weekly and Sandesh International from Chicago, Illinois, United States. Divya Bhaskar is very popular in Surat and it is one of the most widely read and sold newspapers in Gujarat. Gujarat Samachar is a main Gujarati newspaper contains hottest news, local news, state news, sports, entertainment and business news. Apart from Surat, Gujarat Samachar is published from Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Rajkot, Mumbai, and New York. Mumbai Samachar is one of the oldest newspapers in India.
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