Transport in Surat

Surat is well connected with other cities by air, water and road. There are several transportation options available for the residents to travel all across the city. 

In a past few years, the city has emerged as an important and well-developed industrial & business center in Gujarat. 

An individual can access different mode of transports available in the city, including buses, trains, taxi and auto-rickshaw. Surat metro project is introduced by the government to make the transportation more comfortable and time saving at the same time.

Transport in Surat

Local Transport in Surat

Buses are the crucial part of local transport in Surat. The daily commuter prefer the stat bus services to reach any corner in the city in an easy and cost-effective manner. 

Some of the buses run within the city and some connect Surat from all cities of Gujarat. There are almost 9000 buses that run within Surat to meet the daily transportation needs of the commuters.

Besides buses, the other popular public transport system in Surat is taxi. The taxi can be hired from the taxi stand that are located in one of the busiest parts in Surat. Taxis are generally hired to travel from one part of the city to another in a comfortable, luxury and enjoyable manner.

Auto-rickshaw is easily available and most convenient mode of transportation for moving one place to another.

Buses in surat

There are more than 9000 buses run in Surat everyday to meet the transportation needs of daily commuters. Each bus have their specific number and have specific route. 

With having all the bus route information, you can easily avail bus services available in your local area. Beside public transportation, there are several private transporters in Surat that will help you in making your Surat trip more economical and enjoyable.

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